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All Community and Sultan School District employees are required to submit a Facility Use Request. Please click on the correct link for your status. If you have any questions please contact the Operations Department at 360.793.9820 ext. 1141 or email [email protected]

Community User Groups:

You will be required to create an account before you are able to submit a facility use request. Once you create an account the school district will receive the account request and approve or deny your group's request. You will receive an email that states your user group's status and if it has been approved you will then be able to go in and submit a request for facility use. 

Please note that all community athletic user groups will be required to submit a Youth Head Injury Policy form. This form is located on the calendar page of our Facility Use Request Site under the athletic Group form tab. This form will need to be emailed separately to [email protected]


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