New Gold Bar Elementary School Principal

New Gold Bar Elementary School Principal
Posted on 07/18/2019
This is a 2018-2019 image of Heather Anderson.

 New Gold Bar Elementary School Principal!

On July 16, 2019, the Sultan School District narrowed the field of applicants down to 3 candidates for the open principal position at Gold Bar Elementary School. Each of the 3 candidates participated in an in-depth interview process that included the presentation of a ninety-day leadership plan, large group interview with multiple stakeholders, and a community forum. All of these interactions provided a comprehensive look into each candidate’s strengths and overall characteristics.

After navigating the interview process and conferring with all involved parties, we are pleased to announce that the position was extended to our Sultan Elementary School Assistant Principal, Heather Anderson. Heather is a long-time local resident and SHS Alumni. Congratulations to Gold Bar Elementary school and Heather Anderson! If you have any questions, you may contact Superintendent Chaplik at (360)793-9800.