2019-2020 Letter from Superintendent Chaplik

2019-2020 Letter from Superintendent Dan Chaplik
Posted on 08/27/2019
2018-2019 image of Superintendent Dan Chaplik.

2019-2020 Letter from Superintendent Chaplik

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Patrons,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! Each September brings with it the excitement of a new beginning for all of us. Whether you are new to the community or have lived here for awhile, you have likely noticed a fair amount of building and development taking place. We are actively planning and preparing for the changes this could bring to our school district. In fact, we have a Community Facility Advisory Committee that is working through a process of assessing our facility and infrastructure needs. They will report their findings and recommendations to the school board in the next few months. With this information in hand, the school board will determine what facility upgrades, additions, or improvements need to be made.

Speaking of facilities, if you have been by the middle school recently you will notice that the southeast wall is currently under construction. Early in the spring, the school experienced failure of about 15% of the roof and when contractors began repairing the roof, it was discovered that much of the wall in this area needed to be rebuilt due to water intrusion that occurred over many years. The work will likely be completed by mid to late September.

There are several other things that I want to touch on with this update:

1. Brandi Varnell, who teaches sports medicine at Sultan High School, was recently named National Rural Teacher of Year by the National Rural Education Association. Brandi is an effective, caring, energetic teacher who brings out the best in her students with each interaction. It is easy to see why she received this award.

2. The Sultan School District will be in the first year of a three-year implementation plan of a learning management system called Canvas. In short, Canvas helps connect teachers, tools, ideas, and students. Teaching and learning are accessed much easier with the use of Canvas. To find out more: www.canvaslms.com.

3. The School Board has recently updated our strategic vision and goals, using input from our March 2019 community focus groups, and we will now begin the process of integrating this vision and goals into all levels of our organization.

4. We will continue to focus on school and student safety. We regularly work on safety issues at both the building and district level and we will continue to adjust our practices as necessary to keep our students, staff, and patrons safe.

In closing, please enjoy your last remaining days of summer with family, friends and loved ones. If you have questions of our schools for any reason at all please reach out to them. If you have any questions for me, please don’t hesitate to contact me in my office at 793-9801 or on my cell phone at 360-926-6188.


Dan Chaplik

Dan Chaplik, Superintendent
Sultan School District #311
[email protected]