Sultan Parent Partnership Program (SP3)

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Welcome to Sultan Parent Partnership Program

Thank you for expressing interest in the Sultan Parent Partnership Program (SP3). SP3 is an ideal education model supported by Washington State, that brings you the parent/guardian, into an actual partnership with a state certificated teacher, in creating the educational environment for your child. The appeal of the program is the school district will provide the parent with options in how your child learns, with the support of a teacher to ensure your child receives the appropriate grade level lessons and material. Not only is this program designed to modify education to meet the needs of the child, but also the needs to the parent/guardian as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who determines what the student learns, and how they will learn it?

A: The teacher, parents/guardian, and student (if they are old enough) work together to create a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP), prior to the student being enrolled in the SP3. The teacher helps the students and the parents/guardians identify appropriate grade level learning standards, and gives the parents/guardians some options in the different kinds of learning materials/resources to help the student reach those goals.

Q: How often will students and parents/guardians be required to connect with the SP3  certificated teacher?

A: Weekly two-way communication with the teacher, which checks on student progress. And a monthly conference where the teacher verifies if the student has reached their learning goals.

Q: Does my child have to meet with the teacher in person?

A: As Covid-19 cases in the region reduce, opportunities for small in person learning will be available once a week depending on the child's age group. However, at no point will a parent/guardian or child be required to meet with the teacher in person. If the parent/guardian would prefer a phone call or video conference, those are options we could use instead.

Q: What happens if my child and I are struggling to meet the education goals that are set in the WSLP?

A: Several options are available to you:

  • Our teacher will have officer hours and be available by appointment to conference with the student/family to help offer support where needed.
  • An Intervention Plan can be created to introduce new supports or change some of the set goals to modify the education plan for the student.
  • Sometimes some learning materials are not correct for every student, and by contacting the teacher is can be possible to change the learning materials to try to teach the same lessons by a different method.

Q: Will I need a computer/internet to participate in the SP3?

A: Not necessarily. Part of the writing of the WSLP is to build a learning model that works for you and your child. The SP3 is designed to help meet the student/family where they are at.

Q: What commitment is required of the parent/guardian of the student?

A: While the teacher will help provide the family with support and resources for the student's education, as well as provide some extra enrichment learning, the primary duty of facilitating the learning material to the student will fall on the parent/guardian, hence the commitment is significant. 


If you have additional questions, please reach out to:

SP3 Administrator: Jason VanZant

Phone: (360)793-9850 ext 1614