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Remote Board Meeting Audience Instructions

Board Meeting Audience Instructions

The board recognizes the need and importance of effective communication and the need for a visitor to address the board on either an agenda or a non-agenda item. Sign up to address the Board at a  Board Meeting if you have something to share.

Comments by Individuals: Individuals will be allowed 3 minutes to speak on their selected topic. Each speaker will be limited to one speaking opportunity on a given subject during a single meeting.

Comments by others with the same opinion: If multiple people would like to speak on the same topic then please let staff know so we can work with you to coordinate a presentation no longer than 10 minutes. 

Note: The Board president or designee may, at his/her discretion, interrupt, warn, or terminate public commentary when it interferes with the orderly conduct of the meeting (RCW 42.30.050).

Sign up to address the Board with written questions or comments or sign-up to speak virtually.

You may submit your public input/comments in writing or state that you’d like to speak at the next Board meeting. If you are signing up to speak at a meeting then please state that clearly; you must sign up by 4 pm on the day of the meeting to speak or you will be invited to speak at the next meeting. When you log-in to Zoom to join the meeting, please use the first and last name and email address that you submit below so we can identify you in the list of attendees when it is your turn to address the Board. This means an active email address and phone number that we can use to communicate back to you is REQUIRED when completing the form below.