10.28.22 Newsletter: Jamboree, COVID, Fentanyl

10.28.22 Newsletter: Jamboree, COVID, Fentanyl
Posted on 10/28/2022

October 28, 2022

Dear Sultan School District Families,

With the end of October just about here, I have to say that I wasn’t aware of just how much I appreciate clean air and some regular old rain. The last month of smoke-filled air has been very challenging for our students, staff, and community. I want to thank all of you for your understanding and flexibility during this time. On October 10th we held our annual Education Jamboree event at Sultan High School. In all, there were 19 school district departments, clubs, organizations, and 11 community partners, listed below, in attendance. The 2023 event will be held in Sultan Middle School and as part of the event, we will be taking people on tours of our new Transportation Cooperative that should be complete or nearly complete by next fall.

Forager Counseling, SeaMar Behavior Health, Sky Valley Youth Coalition, Skykomish Valley Indian Education/SVIE Parent Organization, Snohomish County Fire District #5, Sultan Education Foundation, Sultan Prevention Coalition, VOAWW, Therapeutic Health Services, Turk Fan Club, Volunteers of America E-CAP (Early Childhood Education & Assistance Program), Washington Division of Vocational Rehabilitation


Parent-Teacher Conferences

Conferences are scheduled for November 2nd – 4th. Evening-only conferences begin Wednesday, November 2nd. There will be all-day conferences on Thursday, November 3rd, and limited-scheduled meetings on Friday, November 4th. We will utilize a combination of both zoom and in-person conferences depending on what works best for a given situation. It has typically been much more efficient and effective for everyone involved to participate via zoom at the middle and high school levels because students take multiple classes. The elementary schools have generally conducted conferences in person though we do have the ability to schedule using zoom if that is needed for your family. If you have not yet scheduled a conference at your child's school or need information regarding the conference schedule you can access contact information for your child’s school at the following link: HERE.


COVID-19 Information

 We are still offering COVID -19 testing on our middle school campus. It is open to the school district and community. The link to schedule a COVID test can be found HERE. The newly released WA Department of Health “Guidance to Prevent and Respond to COVID-19 in K-12 Schools and Child Cares,” can be found HERE.



In recent months, you have likely heard about Fentanyl and the deadly consequences this drug has had for those that have taken it. The concern about this drug continues to grow as it is being marketed in rainbow colors that look like candy and it has even been discovered in some counterfeit candy packages. This is a concern we want to make you aware of if you are not already so that you can engage in conversation with your children on this topic. I am attaching a few links for you to access additional information:

1. DEA Warns of Brightly-Colored Fentanyl Used to Target Young Americans

2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Opioid Basics of Fentanyl


Preparing for Winter Weather

With potential winter weather right around the corner that could potentially

impact our daily schedule, it is highly recommended that you sign up for FlashAlert, our weather-related notification system. When weather-related school schedule changes occur, we first post the notice to this site for distribution to the media and to those who are signed up. You can be a recipient of the messages that go out by signing up for the FlashAlert app. To sign up for FlashAlert, please visit our local page HERE. For more Sultan School District weather information including transportation snow routes and flood routes, please visit our page HERE.


Sky Valley Transportation Co-operative and other Capital Projects

The waiting is almost over for construction to begin on the new Sky Valley Transportation Cooperative. We have a pre-construction meeting set for November 7th to discuss the logistics and timelines of the project. Expect things to begin happening shortly after this date. Lastly, the construction of the new fence at Sultan High School will begin very soon.


Dan Chaplik, Superintendent Sultan School District