How to Login to Canvas


All Sultan School District students have a Canvas account.  The best way to login is through ClassLink with the same username/password the student uses to login to computers as school. 

There is also a Canvas Student App for both Android and iOS.  Select "Sultan School District" when prompted to select a school.  Username is the students full email address, including and same password as ClassLink.

To protect student privacy and district security, we ask that you call our hotline if you need information on your student's username and password at (360) 793-9891 


How to get a Parent Observer Account


Having a Parent Observer Account is the best way to get insight into your student's classrooms. With an account, you can view course material, review student work, view grade feedback and communicate with teachers through the messaging tool.  

Ready to get started? You need a Student Pairing Code.  To get a pairing code, ask your teacher or call your school office.  

Once you have the pairing code, review the instructions as needed:

 Observer Role Classroom Handout-Spanish.pdf

Observer Role Classroom_English.pdf

If you need help logging in, view the videos below!


canvas  Click the logo to go directly to the Canvas for Families login page.  You will need to first make an "Observer Account" and connect with your student.

After you have an account, you can use the app on iOS/Android devices or the website:  Click the logo to the left to go directly there. 


What about PowerSchool?


PowerSchool is our "Student Information System" and is still important! Having both accounts is the best option.  

PowerSchool- review attendance, complete E-Collect forms

Canvas - review student progress in class and communicate with teacher